thehiddenmes x LIVIE

Creative multi-hyphenate, Maggie Sellers, partners with Canadian luxury jewelry brand, Livie Jewlery, to launch her first design collaboration “the hidden messages necklace” rooted in the principles of embracing your truest self, the power of female collaboration, and the importance of mental health and positivity with 29% of all proceeds going towards CAMH, the largest mental health teaching hospital in North America.

The hidden messages necklace takes inspiration from the elegant and affordable luxurious standard that Livie is known for and features a pearl choker, gold accents and a diamond encrusted smiley face pendant. Designed to encapsulate a rare, brave, curious and compassionate spirit, the design is rooted in self-love, affordable luxury and positivity, and is directly correlated with Maggie’s personal journey and belief system.

The design keeps all the fundamental principals that Livie Jewelry is known for- feminine, edgy, minimal yet stylish that stand the test of time and ultimately make their way into a women (or man’s) daily essentials but each element in this specific piece has a hidden meaning.

Pearls because Maggie’s legal name, Margaret, actually translates to pearl and despite her childish despise of the formality, it was chosen by her parents because of their rarity. A strong believer in the power of supporting others and being brave enough to achieve your dreams, gold has been known to symbolize the confidence to reach your full potential. And lastly, the diamond encrusted smiley face focal pendant to represent positivity, that it is okay to not be okay and to never underestimate the power of a smile to those who might need it most.

The women recognize the challenge society has faced over the last 18 months with this detrimental global pandemic and the impact on people’s mental health. Sellers is a big believer that a smile can turn around someone’s entire day and the women collaborators are thrilled to have 29% of proceeds from the necklace go towards CAMH, the Center of Addiction and Mental Health, the largest mental health teaching hospital in Canada.



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